myStash enables companies to send a part of their team's salaries as dollars.

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Employees from 40+ companies receive SaveChecks

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It is completely free

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We will not charge your company or your employees for using SaveChecks.

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Your SaveCheck only answers to you

you are the boss
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Stop receiving SaveChecks anytime you want and resume when you feel like.

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Independent of your workplace

Once you have received a SaveCheck, your employer no longer has any control on what you do with it. SaveChecks cannot be taken back by an employer or withheld from you.

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Withdraw Anytime

Depending on your choice, you can receive SaveChecks in Casual or Strict mode. If you receive SaveChecks in Casual mode, you can freely withdraw to your account anytime.

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One-on-One Support

Your own account manager is available to help you answer any questions you have and quickly complete any requests you have on your SaveChecks account.

Its Easy

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Register your company

Talk to our sales team to onboard your company.

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Let your team choose

Let your team members select which percentages of their earnings they would like to save till the end of the year.


Automatically send SaveChecks

myStash will automatically send your team members their savings as SaveChecks in Dollars till the end of the year.

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myStash Technologies is a fully registered and regulated cooperative savings platform. We do not offer investment services but work strictly with secured fund managers to provide interest for our customers

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