Our Story

The story of myStash begins in the dorm rooms of four postgraduate students at the Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM). We had a group assignment that challenged us to find a difficulty that we faced in our daily lives and solve it for ourselves.

We realized that one thing we all had in common was our struggle with managing personal finance well. Finance books, coaches, and software solutions didn't seem to be helping much. Using our previous experience and skills, we set out to build a tool that would help people everywhere make better money moves without any difficulty thinking or effort.







Our Goal

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More than anything else, personal finance management should be easy. We work towards building tools for a future where people can trust that technology will automatically take care of their bad financial management habits.

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At myStash, it is essential that the things we build change how our users live and approach life. We look forward to a future where financial management headaches don't exist, simply by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

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At myStash, we are constantly building finance management solutions to make sure that we help our users take full advantage of technological advancements in the easiest ways.

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Different people have different needs. myStash is focused on finding the absolute best financial management solutions for YOU, tailored to your needs.

Our Values

Users first

At myStash, nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of our users, customers, and partners.


Perfection is not impossible for us at myStash. We work towards high levels of efficiency and optimizations.

Invent & Simplify

Everyone at myStash works continually to find exciting solutions to financial management problems and work to make the solution easy enough for a five-year-old.

Action first

It's not enough to find brilliant ideas and exciting solutions. At myStash we actually take steps to get things done and create visible results.


As we grow as a company, we are much more interested in growing as people and becoming more valuable members of society.

Our Teams

We have assembled the most exciting team of talents to help build the path to simplified personal finance management.

Wanna join us ?

myStash Technologies is a fully registered and regulated cooperative savings platform. We do not offer investment services but work strictly with secured fund managers to provide interest for our customers

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